The following is a work of fiction.

I work the graveyard shift as a security officer for a major hotel chain in the downtown of a growing city. While I have several responsibilities, including responding to guest complaints and doing patrols every hour and a half, the biggest component of my job is monitoring the exterior of the campus.

It was a chilly October night when the incident happened.

We have a small dispatch center in the basement at the hotel where, during the day, there are about 3-4 officers stationed that respond to various things that happen around the campus. Once 2230 hits, that number goes down to 1 officer.


As such, I split my time between the dispatch center checking on the campus, doing patrols, and responding  to guest complaints.

That is, until The Legend Ride happened.

It was 0130. There were no deliveries scheduled, and the inside and outside of the building were dead.

I was watching cameras in our dispatch center, and a bicyclist passed by, motioned a gesture for me to take a picture of him, and left.

Now, this happens a lot. We get drunks, cars, and especially late night cyclists that love to mug for the cameras once they see the box.

What I didn’t expect, however, was him to give me this.

A Small, Leather Bound Journal, Probably from Staples or Office Max

The next morning, days reported that a journal had been delivered to our main delivery dock in a small Amazon box, with no return address. When they read the one entry in it, they immediately knew they had to pass it on to me.

I’ve been dancing around the point this entire time, so I will just let the author speak for himself now. Here is The Legend Ride, completely unedited:

I ride up S Dahlia and Evans, getting virtually 0 traffic from other cars and pedestrians. After the gradual climb, I slowly glide through the neighborhood past Florida, making sure not to wake anyone up. When I reach Dahlia and Kentucky, I make my usual left turn, taking another right unto Cherry and going through…

When you hit the creek trail at 11-12 mph on a brisk fall night at 1 in the morning, it gets cold. A light wind in any direction makes things feel freezing. Thankfully, I was wearing thermals, With only my glove less hands light socks being the only areas of body exposed.

I breezed through the sprinklers past the ave section of the trail, feeling a little chilly but still holding up fairly well. The 1st and University rabbit that is around mall seemed to be a little earlier on the trail than usual. She, along with a guy sleeping at the re-entrance up on the Univresity that I passed further. After passing the University, I took it easy until offramp. I made mad dash with impunity, before signaling alley.

Remember kid there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong.

That’s it. Severely disjointed, several spelling errors, no sense of coherency, and passages that appear to be missing. It sounded like the rider had written the paragraphs while high, drunk, sleep deprived, or all three.  Except for the quote from The Sandlot, which is where dayshift sarcastically coined the term “The Legend Ride” to describe the incident.

The next night I worked was relatively busy for a fall night. We had two guests call for courtesy patrol, some early morning deliveries of pool cleaning supplies, and a man who tried to sneak into our parking garage. I was relieved to get off. As I walked from our staff exit to the parking garage to get in my car, my heart sank when I saw what was lying on the floor.

A small, leather bound journal, much like that found by days after The Legend Ride.

Unlike the first, the pages in this one were severely worn, as if it had gone through water several times. Random quotes littered the pages that had no coherency, until I reached a section where 2 pages were bound together by an adhesive that I didn’t recognize. I pulled them apart, and what I saw terrified me.


The Legend Ride

The clincher was that he had attached a photo to this page of himself, doing the gesture he had done when he did The Legend Ride (pictured above). I am the only one in the building with access to the footage during the night, so there is no way he could have gotten it from me. Days and swings denied taking a screenshot too, so it couldn’t have been an inside job.

All I wanted to know about was, what was The Legend Ride… and who rode it?

*Featured photo is a stock photo of the Hyatt, which is not the hotel the author works at*

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