*The following is an except from an audio interview conducted on December 21st, 2021. Transcript has been lightly edited for content and clarity* IVW is interviewer and IVE is interviewee.*

IVW: Where do you currently reside?

IVE: Portland

IVW: Which one, there are a couple of them…

IVE: Oregon, of course

IVW: So you live in Portland, Oregon

IVE: *Sighs*, yes I have.

(Brief Pause)

IVW: Have you always lived in Portland?

IVE: Yes, ever since I can remember.

IVW: How far back is that?

IVE: About 1967

IVW: So you were born in 1967?

IVE: Yes

(Brief Pause)

IVW: What do you like to do in the city?

IVE: Well… I do like to go to Lloyd Center a lot

IVW: The Mall?

IVE: Yeah, I like to go to the arcade there. I think its called Tilt there, right?

IVW: *pauses* ok… What your favorite part of the arcade there?

IVE: I really like the arcade games there. Especially Missile Command, Polybius, and Pac-Man

IVW: Are any of these games new?

IVE: Polybius is.

*Short Pause*

IVW: When did Polybius come out?

IVE: Sometime earlier this year

*Long Pause. Interviewer Appears to be confused before asking next question*

IVW: Who is president of the United States?

IVE: Ronald Reagan! He just got elected last year.

IVW: What is your favorite episode of The Cosby Show?

IVE: What’s that….

IVW: What year is it?

IVE: 1981

*Interviewee, sensing something is off, gets irritated*

IVE: Why are you asking all these questions?!?!??! I just want to get home and hang out with my friends?

IVW: How old are your friends?

IVE: 13 and 14

IVW: How old are you?

IVE: …14

IVW: *Pauses briefly before next line of questioning*

IVW: So, I have heard of Pac-Man and Missile Command, but tell me about Polybius

IVE: What about it?

IVW: What kind of game is it?

IVE: Its like Galaga, but you’re moving in a circle.

IVW: Do you get headaches when you play it?

(Interviewee does not respond for 5 seconds)

IVW: Do you get headaches when you play it?

(No answer)

IVE: ….can I go home now?

IVW: Sure, lets talk more about Polybius tomorrow, shall we, Greg?

IVE: OK! I might have to do chores tomorrow and clean before Christmas, but I might be able to talk. What day is tomorrow again?

IVW: December 22nd, 2021

*Tape Cuts off Here*

Featured image is a Stock Photo of a Tape recorder, courtesy of Markus Spiske




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